Thursday, 13 December 2012

Its Christmas!

I've been busy to say the least these past few months. University seems to be a totaly none stop world where i dont spend one second thinking about nothing and where theres is always something to do no matter if its your module assessment or your weeks washing!
Im currently stressing over my events essay which has to be in tomorrow at 1pm after ive done my events presentation which finishs at 12!
I have one exam next week then im all done for christmas except im not going home until the 21st boohooo :( My mum can't come and pick me up until then and there is no way on earth i will get a months worth of clothes home let alone my shoes, laptop, christmas present and hamster!
Heres wishing you all a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year and i promise to blog a lot more in the new year :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Review

I've been extremely busy over the past few months and I've neglected my blog which I am sorry for!!
Ill cut the chit chat and dive straight into the review for Maybellines 'fit me' make up. What attracted me to it was the concept of once you find a colour to match your skin tone, you can easily have the power and concealer to match your skin tone without trying them all out.
I found my colour online by choosing 'yellow tones' I feel my skins a slightly bit more yellow than pink due to my olive skin colour which is all natural by the way!
I'm being extremely lazy and blogging from my iPhone so all the photos will be at the bottom for this review, sorry! These are what I purchased from super drug with their 3 for 2 offer across all beauty products. These are the products from left to right swatched and blended on my hand: concealer, foundation then power.
I feel it's a misleading picture of the result on my face due to the poor camera ( my iPhone) however they blend great on my hand and I can tell the affect because I have a large birth mark on my left hand which is successfully covered up by good make up. If any make up can cover that up it can work wonders on my face!
The concealer appears pale on application to my face, however once blended with concealer brush then covered with foundation it helps to reduce redness of spots and dark circles under the eyes! The power is my favourite as its light and a little is needed to take the shoe off your skin.
Overall I'm impressed by this range and would highly recommend it. Will continue to use it for sure, a strong 9/10!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Long Time No Blog...

I havent posted in ages ive been extremely busy with university and moving! Ill be reviewing some new products this weekend that ive tried, yay!

Monday, 24 September 2012

University of Chichester

Hello freshers!! Long time no post due to total Uni mode! I've been soo busy seeing all my friends before Uni and buying things for Uni and general Uni shit!
It was my first Uni night out tonight my feet are killing me it was so hot and sweaty and hot but so much fun!!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pretty in Pink


Lauren Conrad - Classic California Girl Style


Too Much Time

Im finding now i dont have a job, i really have too much time on my hands. I went to the back a few days back and got my over draft sorted for university. Ive spent £200 since like thursday which is a lot for me. Its all for university mind and i need everything ive bought, bar one or two things. Ill be posting them tomorrow because i got some cute little bargains!
 I also purchased a filofax tonight which i really need and i know for sure i will use. Im determined to be organised, to get things done on time, and to be tidy this year!
Eeekk i am so so so exctied!!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Autumn Accessories

Autumn Accessories

Jane Norman platform sandals
$55 -

Leather glove

NARS Cosmetics lip stick
$28 -


Gucci fragrance
$66 -


Simple Soothing Toner

So, i bought Simple Soothing Toner about a week and a half ago and I've been trying to use at twice a day as it recommends however it hasn't been easy with being away at V festival and some early mornings. It was a bargain buy from for just £2.99 for 200ml but you can now get it on sale for £2 for the same amount.

 The amount you get, 200ml, is a fairly good size for the price considering the directions tell you to apply it generously to cotton wool. As you can see theres still a lot left after nearly 2 weeks. I apply the toner to a cotton wool pad which you can buy from anywhere that sells make up and beauty products.
I followed instructions and applied the toner generously to a cotton wool pad then wiped in gentle, upward movements. The toner is alcohol free and really kind on your skin. Even if you arent gentle, the toner doesnt cause any skin irritation or redness which is always an added bonus. Even after taking off your make up which could be only foundation or a layer of primer, foundation and blusher or other products, it manages to get that layer of dirt off that builds up on your skin.
 Its a product thats so gentle on your skin, its effective but, as recommended, needs to be used twice a day to keep your skin in good condition. I fully recommend this product and would give it a 8/10. I cant wait to try out more of their facial toners and skin products

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend


Sunday, 26 August 2012

August Bank Holiday Outfit

August Bank Holiday Outfit

Strapless dress
$46 -

AX Paris nude heels
$48 -

Nude clutch
$25 -

Charlotte Russe set of bangle

Dorothy Perkins bow ring

This would be the perfect August Bank Holiday Outfit, especially for the weather in England. Its constantly unpredictable and you would pair this outfit with an in-trend leather jacket or crocheted sleeveless jacket if it was a little cold. However its still a summery floaty look teamed with matching accessories for a day or night look.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins

Im actually excited about this collection coming to the UK and im hoping it stays for a good year and we can see the entires year worth of clothes. Ive been looking at the collection they have in Sears in the USA and im impressed by the underwear, they have some gorgeous pieces a lot of which i would buy. However there are a lot of generic pieces and not a lot of pieces i would associate with the style of the Kardashians. However, this is a new collection for a different country so prehaps it will be different and challenge the fashion boundaries of our county.
It will be launched in Novemeber in Dorothy Perkins stores and online.

Friday, 24 August 2012

University Wishlist

With moving away towards the end of September ive been inspired to pretty much change my entire wardrobe. Theres clothes in there i would wear all the time if i could but i dont want to do that at university. I always buy simple clothes that go with everything and are either for every day or night wear and i have the very little pieces that are statement pieces and i need more statement pieces.
 Flicking through magazines and online articles and from just everyday life ive had my eye on some killer clothes for Autumn!

Left- Right Below: Kellsin Floral Skinny Jeans, £11.99 , Jesy Tribal Seam Detail Skinny Jeans, £17.49 As seen on Nicole Richie

The entire black leather and gothic look is perfect for winter and can be worn everyday with simple pieces like a leather jacket or black glothes or dressed up at night with a wet look dress or leather trousers.
Left - Right Below: Harmony Leather Bustier Peplum Dress £28.99 , ASOS Vest with Leather Look Trim £18.00 , Cameo Rose Black PU Leggins £12.99

I dont even know where to start with shoes! With the english weather its always safe to have a little ankle boot which are lightweight and waterproof and look a lot better with your outfit then wellies! You cant go wrong with black but everyone likes something to brighten up their day dont they?
Left - Right Below: Limited Black Leather Chelsea Boot £69.99 , Black Wedge Boot £50 , Black Moccasin Pumps £18 ,Leopard Print Chelsea Boot £35

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