Friday, 23 March 2012

Good Things 5 Minute Facial Face Mask Review

I recently bought Good Things 5 Minute Facial and only just got round to using to and decided to write a review, well just because I can!
Price & Appearance
I bought it from Boots for £5.99 just on a whim. I'd never heard of the brand before or any of their products and what attracted me straight away was the design. The tube is a lilac colour with black, purple and pink detailing which caught my eye and made me look closer. I was looking for smaller sachets of face mask products usually a lot cheaper but this face mask was definitely worth the extra money! As it comes in a tube sealed by a capped lid and will obviously last more than one use, for £5.99 it probably works out cheaper.

The product itself
The face mask itself comes out a similar colour to the tube and it’s a thick cream substance however it does state the product colour may vary due to natural ingredients. It smells amazing! It has a fruity smell but not too over powerful or fragrant, more of a natural smell which is fitting as it contains natural ingredients.
Application & Result
Like any other face mask you have to apply it to a dry and clean face free from makeup. The face mask comes out pretty easy as it’s not too thick and it’s easy to spread onto the skin as you only need a thin layer, in my opinion layering it on wouldn’t achieve a better result it would just the waste the product as a thin layer achieves good results.
After waiting 5 minutes for the mask to dry you wash it off with warm water, it’s easily done with hands but a flannel could be used to make the process quicker. After doing this and drying my face I was pleasantly surprised! It left my skin not only feeling really fresh and soft but smelling fresh and fruity but not in the over powering way! I have naturally dry and oily skin this didn't leave my skin feeling oily at all although it was a little dry in places.
Opinion8/10 Im confident to give this face mask an 8 out of 10 because its reasonaly priced, well packaged, smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling truely more fresh. I will definitely be checking out their other products.

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