Saturday, 31 March 2012

London and Louboutin Look a Likes

I havent blogged much this week but ive been mega busy! I went to London on tuesday with my school, the first time ever, and i loved it. I couldnt get enough of the tiny bit of the city we saw! We walked from Kensington through Hydes Park and St James park round Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey then to a psychology conference. It was a gorgeous day so i threw on an old dress and sandals and took my camera out for the day.

I also purchased some very cheap shoes from a very cheap shop in a town near me, i dont care theyre a perfect bargin to wear on sunday for my 18th birthday. Im heading into Birmingham city centre for a night out with my closest friends, which happen to be 10 other people and i will be crippled in these shoes but they were an amazing bargin for £20 from Bluestar.

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  1. Those shoes are gorgeous x
    MAC and Regal Rose giveaway x


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