Monday, 26 March 2012

Percy and Reed Hydrating Mask Review

Everyone loves a freebie right and ive heard about the Percy & Reed brand and when i saw it free in April's issue of Glamour Magazine i couldnt pass up the chance to buy the magazine and try and their Totally TLC Hydrating Hair Mask. They usually sell this product in a tub of 200ml for £20.00 which in my eyes is expensive as the sample in the magazine is only 100ml and the magazine cost £2.

As you can see it says, "Need a rescue remedy? This deep, indulgent treatment helps restores your hair’s vitality, and makes it soft and more manageable. How? Well, we’ve enlisted marshmallow to lend a hand nourishing and strengthening stressed tresses, and coconut oil for deep conditioning and moisturising. Our heroes."Price & Appearance
Firstly, i wouldn't pay £20.00 for a hydrating hair mask from a brand i havent heard a great deal about. Secondly the appearance is appealing to the eye. Although lacking colour the product and the rest of its range is sophisticated and designed by an artist.
The product itself
The actual hair mask is a white cream like most hair masks but not as thick as conditioners as you can see below. I smelt the product as soon as I opened the magazine packaging and i wasnt too impressed. The hair mask is like perfume and its very, very strong. I can only describe it as an eldery lady smell but thats my personal opinion. It comes out the tube easily enough and isnt sticky.

Application & Result
I expected, for the retail price of this product considering you get 200ml, the mask to cover a lot more of my hair. As you can see my hair is farely long but not very thick and i used over half the tube on just one application of my hair. This would mean i would probably get around 3-4 applications out of the retailed tub. I feel thats not value for money considering i would be paying £20 for it. I have used other branded hair masks for a lot cheaper, that have lasted me a lot longer. Despite that the hair mask was applied for a minimum of 10 minutes and then rinsed out with warm water. During these 10 minutes I wrapped my hair in a towel as it states on the tube but continued to be put off the smell which was still very strong!
I was surprised at the results, my hair felt softer but did still smell terrible
Opinion Overall i would give it a 6/10. It would of been 7 if it smelt more appealing. I dont believe its good value for money as ive used way cheap hair masks that have would last longer but the packaging and results are nothing to complain about!



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  1. I love this hydrating mask. I thought my hair was super soft and glossy afterwards. I do think it is expensive though, but a lovely nice treat. Great post x
    Heroine In Heels


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