Monday, 24 September 2012

University of Chichester

Hello freshers!! Long time no post due to total Uni mode! I've been soo busy seeing all my friends before Uni and buying things for Uni and general Uni shit!
It was my first Uni night out tonight my feet are killing me it was so hot and sweaty and hot but so much fun!!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pretty in Pink


Lauren Conrad - Classic California Girl Style


Too Much Time

Im finding now i dont have a job, i really have too much time on my hands. I went to the back a few days back and got my over draft sorted for university. Ive spent £200 since like thursday which is a lot for me. Its all for university mind and i need everything ive bought, bar one or two things. Ill be posting them tomorrow because i got some cute little bargains!
 I also purchased a filofax tonight which i really need and i know for sure i will use. Im determined to be organised, to get things done on time, and to be tidy this year!
Eeekk i am so so so exctied!!
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