Thursday, 13 December 2012

Its Christmas!

I've been busy to say the least these past few months. University seems to be a totaly none stop world where i dont spend one second thinking about nothing and where theres is always something to do no matter if its your module assessment or your weeks washing!
Im currently stressing over my events essay which has to be in tomorrow at 1pm after ive done my events presentation which finishs at 12!
I have one exam next week then im all done for christmas except im not going home until the 21st boohooo :( My mum can't come and pick me up until then and there is no way on earth i will get a months worth of clothes home let alone my shoes, laptop, christmas present and hamster!
Heres wishing you all a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year and i promise to blog a lot more in the new year :)
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