Sunday, 21 April 2013

Back from hiatus!

So I took a small hiatus of about 4 months… But I'm back! My blogs always been on the back of my mind and I have barely any followers but I'm still determined to blog about the things I do and love so I’ll be concentrating a little more time on it especially as I’ve got so much planned for the summer.

 I'm currently in my second semester at the University of Chichester studying Events Management and its going great. I’ve met some great people and had such a good first year so far. I've struggled with money but I'm sure everyone does in their first year at university away from home. I'm from the West Midlands so I live about 3 hours away from home in Bognor Regis which is where my campus is based. The nightlife is not the best but the people make the most of it!

 I've bought tons of products and clothes and different things I can’t wait to blog about so I truly can’t wait to tell the internet world about my life so far this year and my plans for summer 2013, watch this space! I've also thought about starting up vlog on YouTube but I’ll see because I don’t have good filming or editing equipment but I'm sure a lot of people starting up don’t either. I'm just very excited to get stuck in to my blog again.

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