Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tangle Teezer Review!

Firstly i am sorry if i accidently call this a tangle tweezer, for some reason it rolls off my tongue better.

This is a short review of a product i recently bought and love!
I like to keep my hair in good condition with products and oils but i am awful at brushing it, My hair gets so frizzy after i brush it so i only brush it right before i wash it every 2-3 days.

I decided to buy the Tangle Teezer after reading amazing reviews about how it gets rid of knots so easily. This was all i was after, not a regular brush.
I ordered mine from ASOS here for £10 but you can get it for under £9 here

I cannot rave about this so much. I dont see it as a hair brush to me because it barely leaves my hair frizzy its just tangle free! I use it when i need to, especially when washing my hair when the conditioner is still in.

Go and buy this product, replace your everyday hairbrush with this!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Around the world in one summer

I am extremely grateful for everything i have and not a day goes by when i don't appreciate it.
I didn't have the most extravagant upbringing however it was far from poverty.

I had extremely kind grandparents and my grandmother is still so so kind and generous and i wouldn't be where i am today without her generosity or help.
This summer im lucky enough to be spending 2 weeks in Jamaica just minutes away from my dads family home.
He died 3 years ago and i was never able to visit his native country with him nor see 'cottage' which is what the family call the house they help to build and maintain every year. Its far from a cottage and is more like a massive house!

This is only happening because my mother saved a large amount of money for me and i have decided to use this to fund this holiday. Its made extra special by a lot of family from my dads side also coming to Jamaica and staying near or with us during the same time.

However, before this i will be spending 3 weeks in Canada with my brother, sister, nieces and nephews. I havent met my neices who are 3 and nearly 1 which makes this a special trip also. This is being funded through saving my student loan, a generous donation from my Gran and a reduction on flights from my cousin.
This summer is going to be truely one to remember and i am so blessed and lucky to be doing all of this. 
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