Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Sims 4

I have played the sims since I was about 10 and I've never looked back. 
My cousin first got me into it and from then on I saved for the games or got them as presents for my birthday or at Christmas. When you mention the sims to many people they may think its a pointless game for children when in fact it's simulation game with barely any restrictions on gameplay, customisation or building. 
Millions of people play this franchise and build and create things to share with other 'simmers'. 
The Sims 4 has been recently announced and for someone like me who has been playing for 10 years + this is a long awaited and exciting announcement! 
The site has been launched and its been promised more information is soon to be revealed. 
I am beyond excited to see and play this game; create new people; build the most extravagant buildings and explore more! 
Happy Simming! :D

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