Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Angela & Roi Handbags

I recently received an email from the online handbag retailer Angela & Roi and was asked to share their story. In brief, they create gorgeous fashion forward handbags whilst donating money to charities for specific diseases and illnesses.
 I am not being paid to write this but I am passionate about some of their causes such as breast cancer and kidney disease as close family members have suffered from these recently.

Click to read more, view their styles & buy!

After receiving an email from Angela & Roi I decided to check them out and read a little about what they do. In short I'm going to tell you about their wonderful brand!

- Every bag is made with vegan leather and durable fabric

- Looking good should not be for only the rich and the famous. 

- We believe fashion can be utilized to both an artistic and charitable effect.

- From each purchase, $5 is given to the charitable cause.

They make handbags in specific colours and each colour represents a charitable course. The picture below taken from their website, http://www.angelaroi.com, tells you what each coloured handbag supports.-

After reading this I took a look at the handbags and found some of my favourites to show you!

Mini Pink Cross-body - Supports Breast Cancer - $79
Buy here
Square Mandarin-Orange Tote - Supports Kidney Cancer - $148
Buy here
Sunday Caramel Tote - Supports Childhood Cancer - $142
Buy here

These three are my favourite styles and colours and I know when they start shipping the the UK, I will buying one definitely! If you're in the USA please go and have a look they are worth it!
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