Sunday, 27 October 2013

Take a Break, Take a Bath!

Everyone needs a break from busy life sometimes and seeming as I'm home from university for over a week I thought I'd tell everyone my favourite way to relax - taking a bath!!

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I love taking baths to relax, especially if I've been on my feet all day or travelling. These are just my personal preferences for taking a relaxing bath but you can do it differently of course.

Firstly, I always run my bath with bubble bath and add some bath confetti or bath sugar in.

These come in a set from Marks & Spencers and smell great!

Then I light tea lights and put them around the bath just so its a little more relaxing and there's not a big bright light shining down on me.
Rubber ducks are optional but always cute!

Lastly I love to put on a face mask and some refreshing cucumber slices. You can use real ones but I have these Grace your face Revitalising Cool Cucumber Eye Packs with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
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You can buy face masks from any drug store, supermarket or online beauty retailer. The one I chose to use was Montagne Jeunesse Peel off Passion Pomegranate & Passion fruit which left my face soft and smelling yummy. You can buy lots of them here
Then I just put some music on, get in and relax until I'm a prune!

Tell me what you're relaxation or bubble bath routine is, I'd love to here.
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