Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Why Are Students Poor?

This is a post not many people will probably read but I'm going to write it anyway.
I'm writing this at midnight after a long day of sleeping and eating and just 1 lecture (YAY ME!) so I apologise in advance but this is a topic relevant to me and thousands of other students across the world and I'm going to tell you why we are so poor.

This may only be relevant to students from England and studying in England because I have no clue about how university works outside my own country (woops).

Currently, I am in my second year at the university of Chichester, studying Marketing although last year I studied Events Management and changed for various reasons. I pay £8500 a year for my tuition fees. This money the government, very kindly, loans me but gets paid directly to the university so I see none of it (probably for the best).

I then receive a maintenance loan and grant for the government 3 times a year, which are both awarded based on how much my mother earns each year (we are a single parent family). This comes every September, January and another month which i have forgotten. Sometimes after March.
These 3 instalments have to last me until the next and cover various things including rent, bills, food, transport, clothes etc. The post you will probably get is £2000 to last you 4 months (£150 a month left after necessities are taken out).

In summary, students are poor because we have to fork out around £300 + each month for our rent; around £30 + each month for bills; upwards of £100 for food each month not including nights out which can get very messy and expensive then transports home for holidays and weeks off. This depends on your distance from university. I do not drive but it takes 3 hours to get from my house to university in the car and around £50 for a return ticket on the train.

Student life is so much fun, hard work and can be rewarding however we love to spend money when we have it, realise we have none left 2 weeks later than live off 17p Morrisons own noodles for weeks.
If you see a student in the street (we're pretty obvious in university towns and cities) throw a £5 at us!!
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