Monday, 17 February 2014

Macadamia Oil Foot Pack Review

A friend recommended this Macadamia oil foot pack to me and knowing the good properties of Macadamia oil I bought one and tried it. These are just £1 in Poundland which you can't complain about and they claim to 'penetrate deep into the skin to reduce callus build up and help repair cracked & split heels'

 They are simply one pair of plastic boots that are lined inside with the actual oil. They smell great and you can really smell the peppermint oil in them which helps because no one likes smelly feet!

 The instructions are so simple - you just open up the pack and put on the boots for up to 20 minutes. Initially when you put your feet in the boots you notice how cold the gel is! It gave me a chilling effect because when my feet are cold I'm cold everywhere. Never the less, they didn't bother me for the duration they were on.

Overall, my feet feel really moisturised and soft, the heels are softened but I'm unsure on how they will prevent any callus or cracks in future. This is a nice beauty treatment for a pamper night or part of a beauty regime before a night out but I doubt I'll be doing this everyday.

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