Saturday, 22 March 2014

Spring Nails

I ventured into Superdrug recently and ended up buying a lot of things, as usual. Barrry M have bought out a new Aquarium range (what will they think of next?!).
 There's 6 colours, 2 of which are glitter and the other 4 are a metallic type retailing at £3.99 each which is still a bargain for such good nail varnish.

There were only 3 colours left in Superdrug so I picked up the two I liked best. 'Arabian' which is a green/blue metallic and 'Mermaid' which is a blue glitter.

The other two colours I picked up were from the Gelly Hi Shine range which is also £3.99. Id wanted a royal, bright blue for a while and the picture of 'Blue Grape' doesn't do the colour justice; its so bright.
The other colour 'Green Berry' is a bright turquoise and looks so much more vivid and pigmented once painted onto your nails. 

With Barry M I find 2 coats is ample but 3 creates a brighter colour but lasts just as long. I'm yet to discover a brand of nail varnish I like even more when it comes to price and quality.
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