Tuesday, 10 June 2014

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Review

Many of my friends have asked me whether I use anything from L'Oreal's Skin Perfection range and I feel the need to go into detail about my opinions on the products I've used.
Instead of explaining I've written this.
So have a read and form your own opinions!
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I'm going to go in order of the products I like best and just give a quick overview. I feel with a skincare range like this you have to try them for yourself too really know if you like them or not.
Note - I know I don't own everything in the range, I dont feel the need for some of the products.

 Firstly, this 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution acts perfectly as a make up remover. It's not harsh on skin, scented or coloured. I occasionally use it just to cleanse my face but it's not the best for that. My skin definitely feels soothed and cleaner after using it.
As a make up remover - 8/10
As a cleanser or toner - 6/10

Next is Magic Touch Instant Blur. The uses for this are endless and before you read any further go and buy it! I use this purely as a primer but you could use this without make up on top. It gives Benefits porefessional a run for its money! 

The actual product is a thick gel that smooths out so evenly and easily. It makes a perfect base for make up and helps to blur any kind of scars or redness on your face. It helps really well with dry patches too.
As a primer - 9/10

The Advanced Correcting Serum is something I recommend you use for a prolonged period of time. L'Oreal say you should use it day and night for 2 weeks to start seeing the benefits. These benefits are supposed to include better looking skin; finer wrinkles decreased redness etc. Its a really good morning moisturiser to help awaken skin and I noticed less redness on my face. However, I can't say this was solely down to this 1 product and was most likely a combination of products. 

I have awful dark circles under my eyes and try a lot of things to hide them. This is a really nice gentle brightening cream but doesn't mask them as well as using an under eye concealer.

Magic Blur - Awakening Eye Cream - Advanced Serum

Lastly is the BB Cream. I had this bough for me in fair which at the time was the right shade, but since then way, way too light. I've struggled to find a BB cream I like so far and this just adds to the disappointment. It's really thin and does nothing to cover any skin problems I have. It literally moves around my face when I put it on and does not help in any way. In fact I'd rather wear no make up then wear this.

L'Oreal BB Cream 5 In 1 Swatched
I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about buying into this product line. But please go out and try them for yourselves, you may fall in love with all of them, these are just my opinions and recommendations!
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