Friday, 1 August 2014

Top 5 Travel Tips

The weather might be unpredictable but the chance of you going away to somewhere hot and sunny this summer is pretty certain. I've been lucky enough to travel a lot of times and realised its important to take the right things with you. These are my top 5 travel tips for this summer. 

1. Passport Holder
Obvious, I know right? The best way to keep your passport in sight and safe is to make it visible. Having your passport in a holder or cover will keep it visible whether its in your kitchen drawer or at the bottom of your hand luggage. Take a look at some I found online.

Joules Passport Holder and Luggage Tag £15.95 here
ASOS Passport Holder £8 here

2. Head/Earphones
These are an essential for any journey for me, not just a flight. Some airlines give you earphones to use but I prefer to take my own. I recently invested in some Frends headphones. They're gorgeous and adjust easily to fit even the smallest of heads. The interchangeable caps are a bonus to! I bought mine on sale for £119 (from Avenue 32) which is a little pricey but worth it. 
Gold Taylor Headphones RRP £170 here
If you want something cheap you can buy ones from shops like Poundland, Currys or from eBay.

3. Reading Material
Even if you're not a massive fan of reading, you can find something out there that will interest you and help you pass the time on the beach or during flights. A kindle is a perfect investment for an avid reader and means you can take hundreds of books away with you without having to carry them in your luggage. If you own an iPad you can download the Kindle app and read this way. Apple also have a book section so you can read on your iPad too. I've recently read these books and suggest them as good summer reads.

4. Drink, Drink, DRINK!
I wish I meant get absolutely wasted but I don't. Your skin dries out on planes because of the air conditioning and all those other things they do to the air so we stay alive. Its best not to wear any make-up and moisturise your skin before the flight and whilst your at the airport drink as much water as you can. I always drink sparkling water when I fly, it's just a weird ritual.

If you're anxious about flying don't be. It won't crash and you won't die (hopefully not anyway). There's a higher chance of you dying in a car and I bet you use those everyday. You don't hyperventilate when you drive to work everyday do you? So don't panic when you're boarding a plane for a 2 week holiday to an exotic island! Enjoy the miracle that is flying, because to be honest its pretty amazing how we can explore the world just by sitting on a plane for a few hours and be across the world after a nap.

If you have any tips let me know & enjoy your jollies!
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