Friday, 10 October 2014

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

I wish I didn't have excuses for my prolonged absence from the blogging scene, but unfortunately I have a heap.
Firstly my month in Canada was jam packed full on shopping and looking after my nieces and nephews, along with helping me sister who has the busiest life ever!
Secondly, I bought very little in Canada that I could take a picture of before I devoured it (their food is the best in the world I swear). It was mostly stationary and washi tape which you can just Google because it all looks the same. 
Thirdly, I booked my flights home from Canada 2 days before I moved into my new university house so that time between arriving in the UK and starting my 3rd year, was spent packing and moving and unpacking and washing (ZZzzzz)

3rd Year at university is starting off with a bang. Work is piling up and funds are low so I know i won't be buying lots of things to blog about. I'll probably just do lots of writing blogs which I like so I'm sorry if you read my blog often, and don't like those.

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