Tuesday, 24 March 2015

100th Blog Post

How crazy is that?! 
Yup I've sat down 100 times to write on my blog. That's a lie, its been probably about 300 times but I constantly delete posts because they end up turning into waffle and pictures of cats....

I've been blogging for 3 years now and I'm pretty proud of how far I've come. I love blogging and it's changed my life, literally. I am currently in the middle of writing my dissertation based up fashion bloggers! I would never of chosen this subject if it wasn't for the blogging community and now I feel I know where I want to go in life, and it's because of this.
Do what you love and love what you do!
I'm so excited for what the future holds for me and my blog. I hope to take it and the people who read it, to far flung places with blue oceans and red sunsets.
But for now, I'll just concentrate on my infinite deadlines and stress spots...
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