Thursday, 28 May 2015

Top 5 Drugstore Spring/Summer Lip Colours

I love that you can change your make up with the changing of the seasons just as easily as you can change your clothes. With Spring and Summer come light and playful colours and less heavy duty make up. Click Read More for my current Top 5 Spring/Summer drugstore lip colours!
These first 3 are really bright colours that are perfect for this time of year. The Bourjois lipstick (here)come in so many different colours and the consistency of them is really creamy so I think I will purchase a few additional colours.

The two orange shades are my favourite and I've had these for over a year. The Revlon lip butter is more sheer than the Maybelline Color Burst and makes a good addition to a sheer lipstick. The Maybelline colour is more solid so the orange appears brighter but it is still a great summer colour.

I feel like these are old cult classics but they are bloggers favourite for a reason! These incredibly pigmented lip colours are a cross between lip glosses and lip butters (hence the name).

 The consistency of these are a little sticky but they work better if you apply them over a lipstick. The colour range is really good and the NYX website is often sold out of most shades so get them while they're in stock here for a mere £6.50 which isn't too pricey!

If I didn't convince you enough to try these lip products out then the fact they are each under £8 might sway your decision...
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