Monday, 12 October 2015

Life Update: What is going on?

Since coming back from Canada I've had to do a lot of deciding and prioritizing about how I'm going to start my life post university.
Since I was 4 years old, every summer I've known that in September I'll be starting a new year of school. Whether it be primary or secondary school, 6th form or university, I knew I was going to be in education. Except for this year!
Whilst enjoying my summer in Canada, I knew when I was home I would have to start looking for a job and creating my future path. It was easier said than done and after a month of looking for a job I finally found something I wanted to do.
Whilst battling with the unemployment demons I was also chasing up a piece of lost luggage. It took me a month but I was finally reunited with my suitcase that contained my entire summer wardrobe an a lot of items I rely on for blogging (hence the absence).

Now things are finally looking up and I know how my days will be looking, I'll be back posting reviews and talking about everything beauty related that I love. I was lucky enough to buy a lot of make up and beauty related things in Canada that aren't available, hard to find, or expensive in the UK (yay!), so I have no shortage of writing material for my blog.
I'm excited to see where this new chapter on my life is going to take me! 

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