Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Z Palette & Individual Eye Shadows UK

There are now some of the best shadows & magnetic palettes available to us beauty lovers in the UK. Want to know more?

After watching numerous beauty guru's show off their favourite shadows in huge (and tiny) Z palettes, my yearning for one became intense during 2015.
Then Beauty Bay came to the rescue. They are an online beauty product retailer who are among the first to really start stocking popular US brands. 
Not only did they start to sell Z palettes but also an extremely popular make up brand, Make Up Geek.
These shadows are loved by YouTubers such as Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights and have a vast range of colours with pigmentation that rivals that of NARS and MAC shadows.

These are empty, magnetic palettes that come in 4 different sizes.
You buy an individual eyeshadow pan or depot an eyeshadow from a palette you already own.
These are usually magnetic or the palettes come with magnetic strips you can stick to the bottom of the shadow. 
You then place the shadow in the palette and ta daa, you have your own custom palette.
You can use these for ease when travelling, to de-clutter or to create colour themed palettes.

My first full Z Palette is full of neutral eyeshadows. These are mostly Make up Geek shadows with a few Morphe, Urban Decay and MAC shadows also.

I fully recommend these lightweight, travel friendly palettes. I am excited to continue to add to my palettes and create some fun and exciting combinations. 

Have you used a Z Palette, would you recommend them?
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