Monday, 9 May 2016

L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Review and Swatches

This review is coming a little late, apologies! 

I was browsing the Superdrug website a few weeks back and saw they offered the new L'Oreal Infallible sculpt products in a kit. Having tried and loved the Infallible Matte foundation, I was intrigued to try this.

The kit came in this paper bag and contained a contouring base, blush/highlight trio and a cream highlight and contour duo.
The premise of these products is to create a base for your blush/contour/highlight so it sits in place and is more intense.

I got the kit in light/medium as I haven't had any sun recently and am not feeling the fake tan right now! Regrettably, the kit was way too light for me and I didn't feel the contouring base added any definition to my face or helped with the contour at all. Blended it it looks like a perfect foundation match, however that's not the colour I needed for contouring! 

The cream highlight/contour duo comes in nice, simple packaging where you can see the contents.
Like I mentioned, I got the shade light/medium and the packaging sort of explains where you put the product on in relation to your face.

The actual cream product is soft, it blended on my hand really well. The white cream is a base for your highlight and the brown, for contour.

Despite the product blending well on my hand, when I used it on my face and blended it in, it became patchy and the pigmentation was poor. That could be because it was too pale for me, but i feel like even the darker shade would be the same. BIG disappointment. 
With the kit there wasn't a choice of the blush trio you got, so the fair/medium kit came with this 102 Nude beige trio.

The pigmentation of the coppery-larger colour is beautiful but far far too pigmented for use on the cheeks for anyone who is pale, medium or olive skin toned. I actually used this colour as an eyeshadow (see picture below) as its a lovely colour just definitely for the cheeks.

If I'm honest I don't understand the point of this middle shade, because what face brush is so small you can use that middle colour without picking up the other 2 shades?!

The middle colour is a mroe muted, less pigmented version of the large copper colour. Again I wouldn't use it on my cheeks. The highlight shade is pretty, not as pigmented as I like my highlights to be. It was slightly glittery and no where near as glossy or reflective as I would like.
The copper colour on my eyes
Overall, I'm really disappointed in this kit. It would just be me as everyone's skin is different (remember that!). I don't think I'll be keeping the contour base, or the cream products but the blush trio might be used when I'm a little more tanned.
If you've used this let me know your thoughts
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