Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sephora Wish List Summer 2016

If you follow me on social media or snap chat, you will know by now I'm making my annual journey back to Canada next week. This year my beauty wish list is bigger than ever.
Take a peek....

Sephora to beauty lovers is what Bethlehem is to Christians; The holy land.
If you're travelling to North America or a country where they have Sephora stores, you cannot pass up the opportunity to wander around its numerous make up stands or venture into the perfume section and got lost in all the fragrances!

For the past 3 years I've travelling to Canada and staying in Edmonton means I get to visit West Edmonton Mall which is North America's biggest mall (It's like the Bullring x 100).

With the exchange rate from GBP to CAD being so good, I've saved and put money aside specifically for the famous black and white striped store. Below are some of the items I'm dying to get my hands on!

Too Faced is one of my favourite brands, they can do no wrong and that's why you see a lot of them on there!
Mod Noir by Marc Jacobs is a Sephora exclusive perfume. I bought the rollerball version last year and lost it. This dark, musky, evening perfume is like no other and I'm definitely getting a full size version this time.

Do you spot anything that's on your wish list, or you already own? Let me know!post signature

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  1. I don't get to Sephora often so I know how you feel about stockpiling a big list! The NARS creamy radiant concealer is on my list as well x


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