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5 Problems I'm Facing in my 20's

The phrase "being in your 20's" is one I've heard millions of times but now that's me...
I'm "In my 20's" and it's come around so fast I almost feel like it knocked me off my feet.

Even though I've only just began this 10 year journey, I can feel the problems and stereotypes weighing me down already. I want to talk about them and see how everyone else is coping with the "best years of your life".

If you're not born with it, you have to earn it and that means going out and getting yourself  a job. My first job wasn't the most glamorous or highest paid but I stuck at it for nearly 2 years during my A levels and it paid for holidays, clothes and the Friday nights I don't remember.
Now I work because I have bills to pay and a pension to save for. I'm not the happiest person in my current job and finding another, or one I'm at least happier in, is proving difficult.

Sometimes there's an abundance or work in my area and sometimes there an all time high of unemployed people but I never though it would be this hard to find something I wanted to do.
Coming out of education I was so optimistic I would find a marketing job straight away. I applied for at least 30 and have a number of interviews.

To cut a long story short, I am not in a marketing job (If you know of any, contact me!) and I've decided to go back to university.

Yup, the big scary word that no one likes unless we're receiving it and not giving it out...
To teenage Kate money was never a big deal. I didn't have an abundance of it but I was picking change off the floor to pay for my lunch. Coming from a single parent family I saw how hard my mom worked and never wanted to ask for more than I knew she could afford to give me.
She stressed to me the importance of living within your means and saving for the things you really needed. 
In England it seems you save and save for your pension and the government takes most of it away by the time you're ready to retire and enjoy it. I firmly believe you can't take it with you so you have to enjoy it while you can. I'd rather die on a beach in the Maldives and be thrown into the ocean than have a £5,000 funeral and be eaten by worms....

The topic your family bug you about every Christmas and something the media throw in your face a hundred times a day. At least that's the way I feel.
I've watched relationships fail and some blossom so I think the certainty of success is relent on the people involved. The more people involved, the less time it will last.
I believe that the internet and social media plays a huge part in the success too, both negatively and positively it all depends on the people.
The pressure is something I can see increasing with age. Up until maybe your 50's and people will be like 'She's too old now' ha!
If you're happy and true to yourself there's nothing more you can ask for.
As a true believe in fate, I'm letting it takes it course.

Happiness, I feel, is definitely defined by the person. I once saw a quote saying "Happiness is a journey not a destination" and ever since I've viewed my happiness is a totally different way.
It is not an end goal, it can not be defined as one sole place or period in time but as an on going journey and for some, a struggle.
We can all be happy, but what's important is doing the things that make us feel happy and surrounding ourselves with positive things and people that make us feel that way.
Every year I understand how important your own happiness is. To make others happy you have to feel somewhat at peace with yourself, because then others will too.
I try to cut out a lot of negativity in my life and I think that makes a big difference towards my own happiness, which in turn I hope, makes other people happy.

Growing Old
The dreaded "old" word.
This is something I do not have a problem with, but others seem to. Although getting older and eventually becoming "old" is scary to some, I don't think it is anything to fear.
Everyone's worried about what they'll look like or how they'll cope.
"Will you get bad joints like your parents?, oh I see your dad went bald, do you think you will too?"
Would I want my kids to put me in a nursing home, will they be able to afford it? Have you thought about pensions yet?
Woah.... Hold on!
I don't know what my plans are for next week let alone what's going to happen in 50 years time.
Now I'm in my 20's it seems everyone wants me to look to the future and think about planning my life so everything's laid out, ready to go.
Hey, I changed my university course twice before I even completed my first year at university and now you want me to plan my life this far in advance?
I am in no rush to be doing any of this or thinking about my ailments years in advance. If I'm stressing during the best, active years of my life, I'll only regret it when I'm in the worst, most inactive years of my life.
I don't do regrets.
Be sensible but do what you want, when you want and remember you never know what is around the corner. Shit happens everyday but people still get up in the morning and survive the day.

To everyone concerned about me getting old, my happiness, job, money and relationships - stop.
You do you, and I'll do me.

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  1. I can really relate to this - I find it so scary how fast life seems to go by now :( I feel like at uni I was in a bit of a bubble but now money worries and my career are always niggling issues!

    Jasmine xx

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