Thursday, 28 July 2016

Top 5 Blushes for Olive Skin

I've found it tricky to find blushes to suit my skin tone. Being mixed race means I am mostly olive skinned and obviously darker in summer and lighter in winter; so when it comes to finding blushes my changing skin tone doesn't help!

Find out my most recommended!

You don't have to spend a lot to find a good blush. I love drugstore just as much as high end and they can be just as pigmented and long lasting.

I feel like you really need to swatch and try a blush out on your skin tone before buying it or wearing it for the first time. A blush can look very different in the pan then it does on your skin and on top of foundation.

MAC of course make a huge range of blushes that really differ from pale to bright colours. Popping into a counter is the best way to really check out the colour range and see which you like.

Saying that the only awful MAC blush I own, I bought in store (It was right red I don't know what I was thinking!)

Sleek Make Up are one of my favourite high street make up brands. They're so affordable and their products are seriously well pigmented! They have a great colour range in blushes, which I own most of so would definitely recommend trying these out!

These NYX blushes are so pretty to me, the ombre effect is perfecting for creating a diverse look. You can swirl your brush in the darker side for a more intense look, or the lighter side for a subtle look.

I try and avoid pink colours as they can look unnatural on me. I opt towards corals, mauve's and purples (but obviously not too bright).

Blushes are a really adaptable product. The more you layer on, the more intense the colour will be. The lighter you apply the product and the more you blend it, the more subtle it will be.

Did any of these catch your eye? What are your favourites?
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