Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette | Review & Swatches


This sold out beauty came back into stock and I couldn't resist snapping it up and telling you my opinion.

The 18 shadow Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition palette is warm toned and a mix of glitter and matte shades, available from Cult Beauty and retails at £56 (ouch)

A pricey for a palette but if you work it out, it is around £3-4 a shadow which is a bargain!

It's made up of pretty glitter shades, a few shimmers and pigmented mattes.
I love the names, they're really out there and memorable!

Cult Beauty Ltd.

Top Row L-R

The top row is like the show stopper row for me, she's put the most vibrant, 'out there' shades all together and easy to reach on the top row.
I really like these super wearable shades, the only downside is that they are a little chunky.

You can definitely see it in the shades Trust Fund and Rose God, more than being a smooth shimmer they are glittery and chunky.

Second Row L-R

The second row has some mattes that are really pigmented. #Blessed is a glitter shimmer but not as chunky as the ones in the top row.
Moondust is my favourite on this row and its a perfect champagne gold smooth shimmer

Bottom Row L-R

The bottom row in the palette are all mattes. These are more wearable and perfect for a nude or smokey eye. They can be used as transition colours or stand along shades.

Overall I really like this palette. I think the shades really stand out as being pigmented and bold for those more daring of creators.
The mattes blend seamlessly and can be used alone for neutral looks or paired with the glitter shades for bold looks.

I think the price is steep considering how chunky the glitter shades are, although they are extremely pigmented they do break down on your eye if you don't use some sort of setting agent.

I would love to know your opinion on this palette!

You can check out all Huda beauty products on Cult Beauty here!
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  1. Such a pretty palette, I didn't realize how expensive it is! The glitter shades especially look so pigmented x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. It definitely is on the pricey side, but you get a lot for your money!


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